With the help of autonomous, safe, and agile microservices applications, Infocerv has been assisting businesses with the modernization of their IT legacy systems. We construct projects more quickly and with straightforward systems using our microservices consulting services, allowing for easy repairs, updates, and upgrades with little to no downtime.

By utilizing agile and DevOps approaches as well as other cutting-edge tools and technologies, we effectively create applications. We evaluate your software development process as part of our microservices consultation, and we work with you to design a microservices adoption roadmap.

You can choose services based on their importance for converting to the microservices architecture using this roadmap. When converting a monolithic software to an efficient architecture, our advisors work alongside you, regularly reviewing the progress and
offering assistance as needed.

Our Microservices offerings

Microservice Migration

We create an organized, step-by-step plan for progressively converting your monolithic program to a microservice-based architecture.
➢ Review existing architecture
➢ Determine service decomposition
➢ Create a plan for refactoring the app

Microservice Architecture Review

If you are already using microservices, we evaluate your application’s architecture and offer suggestions for improvements.
➢ Application architecture review
➢ Development process review
➢ Code review and recommendations

Microservice Support and Maintenance

With our proactive support and maintenance service, you can ensure the best performance of your microservices while minimizing downtime.
➢ Microservices testing
➢ Microservices integration
➢ Microservices adoption

Tools for the development of microservices

Docker, Kubernetes-based applications in Azure and AWS, Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Service ( AKS ), Enterprise Service Bus ( ESB ) and Azure API Management