Serverless architecture is a buzz in the market, and Infocerve has already catered to companies or organizations to take this plunge. We build next-gen serverless applications and digital solutions using AWS (Amazon Web Service) Lamba and other services in the serverless application platform. We have experience using serverless computing to create scalable, reliable apps.

Infocerv serverless apps development focuses on the multi-security of your system and cloud architecture. We offer smooth services while ensuring that the data is quickly available and inspected by your standards.

Infocerv can assist you with the quick and simple deployment of scalable web apps with advanced user interfaces.

Why use Serverless Application Development


You only pay for the time your app is used using a serverless architecture. There is no wastage of resources, money, or available capability.

No server management

Put an end to provisioning and server maintenance. All responsibilities for managing services or backend infrastructure will be handled by the team.

Virtually Limitless Scalability

Function scaling is seamless and simple. Applications are scaled up or down automatically by changing the capacity of the consumption units!

High Availability

Extreme fault tolerance and built-in availability are made possible by numerous redundancies. No architect is required as the capabilities are default.

Time to market

Concentrate entirely on the coding, then launch your application in a few days or hours. Reduce the time to market with automatic scalability to get an advantage!

Better Latency

With Serverless, you can ensure worldwide coverage and improved response time of the app. It can accommodate users from all around the world and has better latency.

Serverless App Development Services

Developing Application frameworks using best practices, resulting in effective and scalable solutions.

AWS: Lambda, Serverless, NodeJS, Dynamo, Step Functions

Azure: Functions, LogicApps