Infocerv is one of the best Microsoft 365 system providers and assists clients in developing and implementing solutions based on Microsoft technology for businesses
ranging from start-ups, and SMEs, to enterprises. With the help of appropriate Microsoft tools, platforms, and server solutions, our Center of Excellence team assists customers in designing, developing, and implementing solutions.

Redefine productivity with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that can change how you handle data management, sales, operations, supply-chain management, and budgeting. These are the six main areas where the deployment of Business Central will assist your company.

Operations Management

It is simple to monitor the input-output ratio and achieve peak performance. Obtain a complete understanding of Operations and determine the potential for increased efficiency.

Supply chain Management

Utilize inventory levels that are completely operational and up-to-date to get a complete picture of the resources and usage. Utilize this intelligence to master the process.

Sales and Service Management

Automate the handling of client inquiries, service requests, and feedback. This can increase your customer retention while also ensuring that their issues are always taken care of.

Project Management

Work in real-time and with total accessibility from anywhere. This might help you organize your sales team and track input and outflow.

Analysis and Report

The backbone of any organization is analysis, and with the added benefit of Microsoft Excel integration, this intelligence can help you with modeling and predictions. This could help you make decisions more quickly and less expensively.

Financial Management

You may track resources, purchases, inventories, sales, customer service, transactions, and accounting with this platform. This dashboard can provide you with a quick snapshot of your company’s health.

Why Infocerv would be the right choice

Your firm needs to maximize people, production, and performance to succeed in the competitive environment of today. With Microsoft Dynamic 365 by your side, you will be able to effortlessly connect your operations, obtain a single picture of all organizational activities, and use AI to your company’s advantage – all while remaining comfortable with Microsoft and its features.

As Microsoft Partners, we can help you use Dynamic 365 to its full potential. To create a personalized Microsoft Dynamic 365 solution for you and get you started on the path to success, give one of our certified Microsoft specialists a call today.


Our specialists offer consultancy services for Microsoft Dynamic 365 and create a well-planned roadmap with workflow, plug-ins, and integration.


We make sure that your company has a customized Dynamic 365 implementation plan to fit your specific requirements.

Installation and Upgradation

We undertake the responsibility of setting up and maintaining Microsoft 365 functionalities for your business.


To enable a smooth migration for better performance, we integrate Dynamic 365 with third-party applications and your existing solutions.

Managed Services

To keep your Dynamic 365 solution running smoothly and your operations thriving, we offer maintenance and support.